Miles J.O.B. Fund

Ronnie and Crystal Woodie                                                      

Watermill Greenhouse:
  The Woodies are self-employed entrepreneurs and are creative and knowledgeable in re-newable energy to operate their Green House. The Green House grows bedding plants, for their commercial vegetable sales as well as seasonal produce. The system provides power by windmills and waterwheels then stores the energy created in batteries. The loan has provided two services, 1) for income from sales of their product and  2) the opportunity for the area to gain knowledge of alternative energy for research. The system has been visited by several agencies for consideration of further development in other locations for renewable energy.

Location: 4064 Mountain View Rd., Glade Valley, NC
Phone: 336-363-4115   Email:

Miles J.O.B. FUND Origination

The Miles J.O.B. Fund was established by contributing $100,000 to create jobs.  The contribution was the seed money for the J.O.B. Fund with belief that it will grow with gifts and grants from others.


The MISSION of the Miles J.O.B. Fund is to assist deserving and qualified entrepreneurs to develop a self-sustaining business creating jobs in Alleghany County, North Carolina.  This fund assists in start-up money for various skills and trades, with loans, matching funds or a collateralized loan.  These revolving loans are repaid and the cash assets go back into the fund to help other qualified people. 

Bring Us Your Ideal Today!!!  

Q.  Who is eligible for the J.O.B. Fund?   A.  Any Alleghany Citizen desiring to create a business or jobs to enhance the applicant and our community.

Q.  How do I apply?  A.  By going online at, call D.W. Miles at 372-5646 or any Board of Director Member with your interest or questions.

Q.  What happens after I fill out the J.O.B. Fund applications?  A.  Bring the application to Miles Companies, 565 S. Main Street, Sparta, NC.  The Board of Director Members will then look over your ideals and discuss how to make your dreams a reality.

Q.  Am I responsible to repay any money that is funded to help start my dream?  A.  Yes, the money is put back into the J.O.B. Fund to allow others the same opportunity to succeed.  The money is collected over a period of time working with you to create success.


Board of Directors


Mr. Jackie Billings - Hometown Oil & Farmer Mr. D. Wayne Miles - Real Estate, Farmer, Investor
Dr. Jeff Cox - Superintendent of Schools Mrs.Karen Gambill Leys - Secretary Treasurer
Mr. Harold Church - VP of Contributions Mrs. Susan M. Reinhardt - Real Estate Sales & Management
Mrs. LeAnn Gambill - Retail Mrs. Donna Shumate - Attorney
Mr. Tom Gentry - Vice-President, Grayson National Bank Mr. John Spicer - Retail, Investor
Mr. Donald W. Miles - Developer/Builder, Commercial and Residential  

Miles J.O.B. Fund Motto:                                                                                                 "For Success...Be Honest, Stay Focused & Positive, Confident & Don't Quit"

From 2008 Miles J.O.B. Fund has funded and facilitated 35 businesses and created 95 jobs.

The Miles J.O.B. Fund is approved for tax exempt status under section 501c3 of the IRS Code.  Contributions may be made to the Fund and are qualified under IRS Code to receive tax deductible bequests, devices, transfers, or gifts.


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